Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Teaching with Tecnology

Chapter in "Educación para la Transformación"

Authors: Eugenio Severin y Christine Capota

Inter American Development Bank

September 2012

Download: PDF (in Spanish)

Executive Summary

The introduction of technology in education (Ted) is gaining momentum in Latin America and, year after year, increasing the amount of resources devoted to the purchase of computer equipment for incorporation into the classroom. In the last 30 years, in the history of the region abound isolated episodes to incorporate technology where the spontaneous enthusiasm of government officials, the pressure seemingly unique offerings from the tech industry, or social pressure a citizenry that demands immediate action to improve the quality of education, have pushed implement projects disconnected from the objectives and actions that are part of the educational policies of the countries. Although there is little empirical evidence that irrefutably proves a positive impact of these investments on educational outcomes, there is a widespread perception that the incorporation of technology in education and enable new educational practices will improve educational outcomes.

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